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Every single developer and designer at Symbio is carefully handpicked to turn your mobile or web project into something incredible. Our mission is to uncover the best answers to real problems for real companies, real organizations, and real people.

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About Symbio

Get your start-up ready for takeoff! You have the business concept and the funds, but need people with the right technical know-how to get a successful venture off the ground?

Symbio can instantly provide your business with the human resources you need to develop your services and grow your company. We are happy to be the interim solution while you get your team in place, or we can strengthen your team with specific competence that you may need from one time to another. You had me at hello! →

We love innovation

The common denominator for the staff at Symbio is that we all feel passionately about technology and innovation. Many of us have worked at start-ups before, and we love the creative juices that flow on the cutting edge of innovation.

Taking you where you want to be

OK, so you have an idea that requires pretty advanced technology? We promise that you cannot approach us with a technical challenge that will intimidate us. If the technology that you require is available, rest assured we know of it. If it’s not, we’ll invent it for you!

In good company

Need some speed in development?

Your guys are awesome at web development, but you find yourself in a position when you really need an Android app-guru. Or is it the other way around? This is where we can help!

~$sudo apt-get install konquer

~$konquer -r /world

~$chown symbio /world

~$chmod 700 /world

Symbio can provide you with one single expert with exactly the cutting edge expertise that will make your current team complete, or with an entire team that will turn your visions into a reality. Among our developers you will find some of the best in their respective fields.

So what’s the catch? There’s none really. Our business model is based on the reality that you live in, and we understand that you face a forecast horizon of weeks or months rather than years. You need agility, and this is what we provide. Competence that’s crucial today for the development of your business today may not be needed in a month.

We’re not here to lock you up – we are here to set you free!

Is app testing a challenge?

Are you entirely sure that the application you are about to release is top notch, and do you feel confident that your most recent update will work as planned on all phones and platforms?

“Sure, we tested the app before the launch. The team got together and tested it thoroughly.”

OK, but unless you have tested the app professionally and methodically, we dare say that there will be bugs.

Entrepreneurs are everywhere

You have the idea, the business know-how and the funds. Now you need to turn your vision into an actual product, and you need to do it quickly. Your investors want to see results!

lean startup

Rapid prototyping is the perfect choice when you look at development times of weeks rather than months or a year. Leveraging Symbio to define and create your initial Minimum Viable Product, you may have a working prototype as quickly as in a month, even if you do not have your own team in place.

The benefit is that the first prototype can be used to test the product on a select group of people to see how the market receives it. That allows you to tweak your invention, and thereafter move confidently toward a sharp release.

Symbio has the competence and experience required to develop the technology you need; quickly and qualitatively. We feel passionately about helping entrepreneurs succeed, and we love being a part of that journey. There’s nothing like seeing an idea turn into reality, and to watch it spread like wildfire around the world.

We’ll take you from where you are to where you want to be. From vision to reality.

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We're down to earth, approachable people so no matter what's on your mind just drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you.

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